Disc harrow OLT-32 185/510 Anunnaki

  • 21,000.00 kn

  • Ex Tax: 16,800.00 kn

"OLT-Anunnaki" type  of disc harrows are customized versions of the "OLT" series in a way that is lighter and simpler. The customized version of the "Anunnaki" disk harrow is thus more affordable, while at the same time retaining all the qualities of the former OLT series of "OLT-185-510" disc harrows. They are designed so that with their ratio of disc diameters, spacing between discs, load per disc, and the possibility of tilting the battery assemblies to 12 °, 15 ° and 18 °, they can successfully meet in work operations:

  • disking before plowing - cutting of plant remains left behind from the harvest and interfering with plowing (corn, weeds, etc.). Pre-sowing preparation - crushing the soil after plowing and creating a suitable sowing bed.
  • mixing mineral fertilizers with the surface layer of the soil.
  • stubble dusting (if the soil is not too compacted) - destroying weeds, mixing the plant mass with the soil and preventing the soil from evaporating.

The OLT-28 disc harrow with a disc spacing of 185 mm has an advantage in rougher work (rough plowing - heavy soils, stubble dusting ...)

Suspended light disc harrows with "V" version of battery assemblies of the OLT type, are characterized by quality ground crushing, uniform working depth over the entire width of the project, and a flat surface behind their passage, and are intended for work with tractors of 55 - 75HP.

Disc harrows
Machine type suspension category II
Number of discs 32
Disc diameter (mm) 460
Distance between disks (mm) 165
Battery bend angles (α) 12°, 15° and 18°
Load per disc (kg) cca. 20
Maximum depth (cm) 12-15
Operation width (m) 2,5
Transport width (m) 2,7
Transport speed (km/h) max 20
Weight (kg) 600
Needed pull power (HP) 55-75

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