Adjusting the fan for ETA-32 (pulled)

Adjusting the fan for ETA-32 (pulled)

Proper transport of seeds from the sowing machine through the distributor and the conduit must be ensured by the required amount of air. The fan at its exit has a built - in lock, which has to be open (6 - 4) when sowing crowns crops, and dampened in sowing of fine grain crops (7 - 4).

The fan must be operated via the tractor's coupling shaft with 540 min-1 in the standard version of the slicer.
Fan fan can be installed on request at 1000 min-1.

The manufacturer delivers cardan back only for 540 min-1 with standard hinge connection.

It is not necessary to adjust the tension of the fan belt, but it is adjusted by the spring tensioner itself.

1. Fan drive shaft
2. Fan casing
3. Outlet pipe
4. Shaft latch
5. Lever handle;
6. "Off" position limit
7. "Damped" position limit
8. Rubber coupling
9. Belt tensioner spring

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